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Introducing Main Street 2.0

With Prize, we are proud to usher in a new era for small/local businesses. The rise of Main Street 2.0 will be amarked by a few trends, and Prize is empowering local business communities by providing them with the tools to succeed in the modern marketplace.

Key Trends Driving Main Street 2.0

  • “Every company is a tech company” finally comes to Main Street. No matter what market you serve, the next generation of local businesses will look much different than the last. In addition to incredible service, unique products, and the vibrant small business atmosphere we all know and love, businesses will differentiate themselves by adopting new technologies that provide rich customer experiences.
  • Digital transformation isn’t just posting on social media. The 2010’s showed us that use of the social web can certainly impact the bottom line. These days, businesses are using social media (with limited success) to promote new product lines, reach customers with time-sensitive discounts and events, and maintain a friendly touch point with their community. While social media has cemented its importance, the 2020’s will see the technical needs of businesses met with tools that better serve these needs. Let’s face it, we should not be running marketing using the same tool that “Uncle Joe” uses to voice his controversial political opinion!
  • Community is everything. All communities have a tight-knit network of locally-owned businesses, and when the businesses thrive, the community thrives. With Prize, business communities can use technology to leverage that network in new ways. By providing a single platform for many local businesses to serve their customers, the emergence of “technologically proficient” business communities will mark a strategic advantage for businesses within that community.

There are a number of similarities between Web 2.0 & Main Street 2.0.

  1. More & Better Use Cases
    Web 2.0 — Social Web provided new experiences, such as social media
    Main Street 2.0 — There are now specialized applications to fit the needs of your business
  2. Access for Anyone
    Web 2.0 — Cost of software dropped to an affordable level
    Main Street 2.0 — Mobile apps and other technologies are now affordable for local businesses.
  3. Real-Time Benefits
    Web 2.0 — Smartphones enabled users to access the internet where they want, when they want
    Main Street 2.0 —Businesses can now reach the right users at precisely the right time in their decision-making process.

Main Street 2.0 is not about change, it is simply about adaptation. For small & local businesses, technology is not something to be scared of, but something to embrace. With Prize, you can focus on what you do best (make your customers happy) while we provide the technology platform to usher in a new era of prosperity for your business and your community.