Loyalty Program

Happy customers are loyal customers!

We have one goal in mind — increasing revenues for local businesses. 

We are part of the solution. The Prize Loyalty program provides consumers a reason to shop locally. At the end of the day we provide effective marketing tool that the big organizations have access to at a very little cost.

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Fully Digital

No more paper punch cards. Access powerful customer insights and better serve customers by going digital. 

Free Customer App

The app offers:

  • Customer rewards
  • Local deals from your businesses 
  • Daily notifications
  • Reach customers even when they’re not in your store.
  • Everything is integrated into one app.

Measure Your Success

  • Access The Prize dashboard and control your program from any device.
  • Get priceless insights into your clients’ consumer behavior.
  • Receive monthly performance analytics by email.

Why is a loyalty program important? 

Active Customer Engagement


97% of millennials actively engage with loyalty programs that are accessible from their mobile device.

Referrals, Word of Mouth


73% of consumers are more likely to recommend brands with good loyalty programs.

Average Spend per Visit


Customers spend 33% more with each visit after joining a digital loyalty program!

Average Visit Frequency


Customers visit 20% more after joining a digital loyalty program!

All the marketing tools your business needs, in one place.

The Prize loyalty program.

Choose the plan that’s right for your business.

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