Refer a Business

Refer a business by speaking with a business owner, manager, or employee and mention that a Prize team member will be in touch. Fill out the form below and if the business signs up, you could receive a $25 Visa pre-paid gift card!

General Terms

  1. Referral Rewards are distributed as $25 Visa pre-loaded gift cards.
  2. To be eligible for a referral reward, you must complete these two steps:
    1. Speak to the business owner, manager, or employee about Prize. Mention that a Prize team member will be in touch. 
    2. Submit the contact information from the contact form above for the referred business.
  3. Referral Rewards are only triggered if you submit the aforementioned information, AND the business subscribes to Prize. 
  4. In the case that more than one person refers the same business, and the business signs up for Prize, we will split the reward evenly between the people who referred the business. 
  5. You cannot earn a referral reward for referring your own business. 
  6. Prize reserves the right to withhold or cancel this referral program at any time for any reason without any liability to Prize, even if you have not explicitly violated these terms.